Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the rhythm of the sound of you

I've been housed at the Phoenix Inn for the week because I'm in OR for this. These are some little bites from my evening down time. A little swimming pool action, (hence, my post swim face) a little boggle & popcorn action, & a little 'folly 795' pink polish action.

 I also ate confetti cake ice cream today. Dare you to do it too. But, I won't dare you to eat safeway grocery store sushi, 'cause I did that too, and it was less than delightful. But, for reals, a mini trip is always a pleasure & not just because I'm a travel-er type. It's just always great to get perspective on things and to see any kind of creative revolution happening in people or in an area. It helps your life make sense.

Hope you're all having a discovery-filled week!

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