Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Redding continued.

This trip was very poorly documented,'s some slices of the rest of it. We celebrated Amy's birthday on one day, as affectionately displayed by the party hats and a mini bubble session and a hula hoop contest (not pictured). Lots of family posts lately. Um, I really love my family. And I will continue to share that with the worldwideweb when we have celebrations. Dear worldwideweb: you should celebrate things with your family.It helps your life.

Here's some of my soundtrack from the road. eesh.  (and if you're one of those types that don't make mixes, or play-lists, or even listen to music in the car...then you need to go to road-trip school) :

mewithoutyou: "in a sweater poorly knit"
bob dylan: "most likely you go your way"
local natives: "airplanes"
ray lamontagne: "burn"
nataly dawn: "book of love" cover
nickel creek: "young"
phil whickam: "youre beautiful"
john mark mcmillan: "i am a temple"
johnny cash: "gods gonna cut you down"
coldplay: "viva la vida"
loretta lynn: "high on the mountain top"
earthsuit: "said the sun to the shine"
arcade fire: "in the backseat"
jason upton & the goodland band: "mountain of the living god"
steel drivers: "on the blue side of the mountain"

1 comment:

  1. Dear worldwideKayla, I would dearly love to go on a road trip with you and experience the worldwideworld as you experience it!
    And, confession: Your family IS the most amazing I know in celebrating celebrations and each other, and you should definitely keep it up and keep inspiring all the rest of us with your family-photo-journalism!