Monday, November 29, 2010


was pretty awesome. 
remember how thanksgiving starved I was?

So glad for this holiday celebration.
flavor, and baking. dancing, singing, making, washing, praying, and loving.  appetizers, sauces, and slippery snowy walks. family, invited guests, toasts, & thankfulness. hugs, poses, second helpings, and fire building. blessings, pie, games, and giggles. 

Friday, November 26, 2010


My sister Sarah and I made this together for our dad, a while ago. 
Our first ever co-painting. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Liam is here!

Liam Jodie Neilson. 
My big brother David's first son. 
He's so chill. 
He's got a lot to give already. 
He's going to be happy, and blessed, and smart, and funny.
He's already making funny faces.
He's perfect. 
and so very special.
I love him. 

He was born in Seattle on Sunday, November 21st with all his toes, and all his fingers. 

LOVE. love. LOVE. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

saturday's details

hat: urban outfitters
blazer: thrifted vintage
tie dye cardigan: target
skirt: thrifted
oxfords: target

It was so windy at gasworks park! Like, "ladies and gentlemen hold on to your hats"
type of windy...because mine literally flew off. It was so funny. 
There's a picture sequence to prove it, but I'm too embarrassed to share those. :)
Also, I fell a little bit. I was quite a clumsy sight atop that sunshine hill. 
We got really chilly... we weren't there long. So we hopped in the car, and Dan Dan 
drove us, because we mostly suck at navigating.
 p.s. isn't Jean Marie so cute?!

You can't turn a corner on pike place, without someone singing Dylan or creedence clearwater. The gentleman with the flowing locks next to Jeanie, did his thing while we stood in line forever at the original starbucks. I sang with him a little.  

Everything was really normal and comforting the other day in the city. The innumerable northface sightings, the crazies, the gospel street singers, the boots, the fish smell, the protesters, the child leashes, the beards, and the art students that are obviously art students, as evidenced by their very short bangs, the holiday decor, the coffee shops, etc. We had fun.  

after some downtown time and shopping, we met up with our other sibs, and had a dinner date at tap house. I tried the seattle roll, and crab bisque soup. The crab bisque was fantastic, by the way. very rich. Sarah recommended it, and now I do too.

Hooray for cousins, and friends, and memories.