Sunday, May 23, 2010

provocative panda's


YIKES. I almost have nothing else to say. I have never in all my days met such a host of bears. 
Saw these guys at goodwill yesterday. When I saw them I didn't just think: "my look at all those freaky-deaky panda's." I thought "What kind of therapy did the previous owner have to go through in order to finally rid themselves of all things panda." also I thought "why.    why why why why why." I feel like there was an intervention of sorts. Like, maybe  'so & so' hid these under their bed for years, and had a secret addiction. You can't have this many panda's. It's not allowed. Nope. So then, a small support group formed and members of the community pitched in-and now  'so & so' is in a rehabilitation clinic.  Obviously. Clearly, that's what happened. Clearly.


  1. Oh, Kayla! What a treasure trove. Thank you so much for posting this, and for the commentary. I love it.

    I have another thought to add: of the animals to have such an affinity for, why the panda? I mean, sure, it's kind of cute...but, in kingdom animalia the panda isn't exactly "tops" when it comes to animal instincts. They refuse to mate and they have the stomach of a carnivore, but insist on eating boatloads of bamboo.

    I don't know, pandas. I just don't know.

  2. Ha Ha. I once had a panda fettish.
    Yes, girls, me.
    And I still keep a few around because their black-and-white-ness reminds of the prophetic. They also remind me of Creation because they are such unique creatures. They have a bone in their wrist that is almost like an opposable thumb (known normally only to humans and apes), their skeleton, teeth, digestive system are extremely unique so that they can barely be classified with any other animal. How awesome is that? They are extremely resourceful -- could YOU live where there was nothing to eat but bamboo? And they remind me of rest in Jesus, because that is practially all they do, other than eating, and ferociously protecting their young, all spiritual qualities worth emulating! So, pandas, you might want to rethink them.... not collect hundreds of them of course, but give a little credit where credit is due!!