Saturday, December 4, 2010

outfit post

hat: UO, leopard scarf: (my sisters closet), green printed blouse: Gloria Vanderbilt, sweater: no brand (also from my sisters closet), denim: Levis, ankle boots: thrifted
I didn't take any normal pictures that day, but I have served up to you this small feast of painterly sliced up garment bits. 
I love the versatility of these little thrifted ankle boots. You should go find yourself some. I've been wearing them lots lately. And they sort of remind me of Bob Dylan, & that doesn't bother me one.bit.

I also get re-obsessed with just straight up 501 levis pretty frequently. They're kind of my 'when in doubt' casual pants. And I like hats in the same way I appreciate levis-or worn in denim. 
Bad hair day? no problem. 
You kind of feel like hiding? no problem.
You need to tone down, or dress up your outfit? no problem. 
bam. easy accessory. 

Enjoy your Sunday. Take comfort in your comforts. 

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