Friday, December 10, 2010

borders, and brothers.

red dress: target, velvet blazer: thrifted, boots: dolce vita for target

We love to kick back at borders. And also love to meet up with our little brother.
We saw his new apartment. And I stated my concerns about his safety, and his outerwear...which I always do...he never wears enough clothes. 
It's surf shorts 365 days a year, for that sport. Not acceptable. 
And he always remarks about what year I belong in, because of what I might be wearing. 
Like, for example... 
" it 1902? Are you selling newspapers?" 
     or if I've piled on too many vintage items...
"hey, there Margaret, are you sad about world war 2?" 
     or he'll just say

Anyway...this time it was "1970." 

oh, brother. guffaw. 
come on, now. 

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