Wednesday, July 21, 2010

nirvana and popsicles

Sister and I hit up one of our favorite charming areas nearby, just because we like charm, I guess. 
& I decided to dress like Nirvana, just because I felt like it.
There are several antique malls we like to peruse, and we came across this set of embroidered handkerchiefs..that really speak for themselves.
So. yep. that's hilarious and weird
We also ate yummy food at a cafe, that I might show you later. I ate a thai tuna sandwhich, and sarah ate a bufffffffalo burger. 
Afterward we came home and had popsicles with Dan Dan and made jokes.


  1. Your family has always been an inspiration to me of what I would love my family to look like. Now, I just need to have more girls :) Thanks for blogging. Your amazing.

  2. aw, lynelle. that makes my night.