Wednesday, August 3, 2011

moms birthday - iron goat trail + campfire shenanigans

we went on a solid hike yesterday for mom's birthday. 
LOVED it. such a pretty trail. 
Im so glad we could celebrate mom, 
because it was a really memorable one this year.
plus there was a picnic lunch, 
and possibly the best kabob i've ever had. 
no summer is complete without kabobs. 

at one point when we were passing by some people on the trail, 
joshua turns around to us, and says:
'you guys remember the routine, in case they wanna have a dance off, right?' 

seriously though- what if a bunch of girl scouts were like 'break it down. let's do this.' 
& then like..joshua does the worm or something. 
while sarah and I shout the new coldplay song.
I dunno..just scene we thought of.
outrageous scenerio humor.
I guess you had to be there..
almost fell down laughing. a classic happy kayla move. 

I love you, nina ten. You're the most graceful loving mother. 

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