Sunday, March 14, 2010

sisters do as sisters should

this day...this day is glad it's partially documented. 
Amy and I accidentally/intentionally had a 'foreign day'. 
 This was our second stop. 
 I dared Amy to try 'salted duck egg' which came in a hefty 6 pack.
She dared me to try 'bean cake'- 

(apparently a traditional Asian snacky-snack
 made with glutenous spongy-ness and filled with red bean paste.)

hey kayla...what are you eating? 
...oh nothing. just your average bean cake.

um, yikes.

Turkish coffee mmmmm

taco's for dinner? yes please. and thank you.
lime makes everything better
p.s. the tacos were kind of amazing. and 99cents to boot!


Amy & I have a tradition. 
It's called: 
'find the best local bakery there ever was, and eat bread eat bread eat bread.'

...annnnnd we played m.a.s.h.
because we're 12.

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